10 tips to make awesome travel videos

travel videos

10 tips to make awesome travel videos.

travel videos

1. Choosing camera for your trip
2. accessories tips
3. creative angle trick
4. storytelling panning
5. slow motion tips
6. travel video music
7. how about color grading
8. text effects- more than text
9. fancy video effects tips
10. transition tips

1. Camera tips
Speaking of the camera, the first thing in your head might be your cell phone. Today, a lot of smartphones have outstanding cameras that are capable to shoot high-quality videos. It’s pretty easy to carry for travelers. Another widely used device is DV, it’s just not that convenient comparing to cellphones. Nowadays, GoPro has been a choice of many to shoot outdoor videos, but the downside is that it has the small screen or no screen. If you wanna try cool shooting angles, like aerial photography, a drone is definitely the best option. Due to the size and weight, it’s nice to take on a road trip, but not suitable for long-haul flight.

2. Accessories tips
If you use smartphone or GoPro, remember to take a handheld stabilizer or selfie stick. Therefore, you can avoid shakiness when you’re recording while hiking. Like this. And here’s one thing to keep in mind before you set off: prepare some alternative SD cards and batteries.

3. Aangle tricks
Try to shoot video from some unusual angles. Learn to make some basic close-up and scenery shot, then you’ll have diverse footages to make up a good video.

4. Planning tips
Panning usually makes the video more interesting. When using a handheld stabilizer, remember to move slowly and steadily, so the motion you show can tell a story that’ll engage people in.

5. Slow motion tips
Sometimes, you can apply slow motion on portrait or views. That could convey a totally different emotion.

6. Travel music tips
Find background music before you start editing the video, in that way, you know the overall emotion of the video and pull clips together accordingly. The video and music will match with the same feeling, creating an integrated visual and auditory experience to get people involved in your story.

7. Color grading tips
You might wanna get your footages some color tuning and make it look more beautiful. If you think color tuning is too professional and sophisticated, there’re some preset templates for you to simply add on.

8. Text effects tips
The text is not only something to express your message, but also a kind of element decorating the video. Try adding some good looking text in your travel video like this, and you’ll find that you’ve taken it to the next level!

9. video effects tips
Have you ever thought of adding some funny and catching effects, like these? These look complex to design, but actually, it can be done with few simple steps. Although video effects can make your video cooler, don’t overwhelm a travel video with these. Because we want to keep the focus on wonderful moments in your trip, don’t want to be distracted by those effects. So, let’s keep it fancy, yet simple.

10. Transition tips
If you put 2 video footages together and it’s awkward to play from one to another, adding a beautiful transition will work. See. A good transition not only makes 2 clips play smoothly but also enhances the rhythm and pace of a video, don’t you think so?

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