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What is Website Speed?

Website speed is the average time taken by a web page to open clearly with all assets like images, videos, advertisements, gadgets & widgets etc.

What is the difference between Homepage & Posts or Child Pages?

When we talk about the website, there is two type of pages.

First, we will discuss homepage also called Front Page. A homepage is a page which will be opened when a user opens the address or URL of a website. It depends that user is opening by typing or through any search engine.

For Example, is the address of our website. You can see that on the main page there are many sections in which we are showcasing in different styles.

Now, what is the post (Commonly used in WordPress, blogger) or child pages?. We can’t write or display everything on our main page. we have to make different posts or child pages.

For Example

How to share a single post in multiple facebook groups at once

This above link is a post on Brainy Gestures Magazine. This is not the main page.

Speed Difference:-

We did research work on the speed of main page & posts of the website, it seems that there is a clear and notable difference between website main page speed & posts speed.

How to Check Website Speed?

Now, how we can check website speed. There are multiple sources where we can check the speed of any website & any post URL speed. the most used & accurate tools are given:-

  • PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers

PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers is a tool by Google to check the speed of website main page or any child page.

First of All Open PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers

Now Paste the URL you want to check speed. For Example

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

Now Click on Analyze Button.

It will take a few seconds and the speed of your desired URL will be in front of you.

The Speed on Mobile Devices & Desktop Device will be available.

The Possible Optimization steps will be given. You can fix those issues. (I will write about it soon)

  • GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization

GTmetrix is another tool to check the website speed.

Open GTmetrix 

Paste URL & Press the analyze button.

It will take a few moments to analyze completely.

The Gtmetrix results are more concise & informative. It gives an exact time of page loading and possible optimization options. It also shows the different scores in different speed affecting options.

Gtmetrix Speed Insights

Gtmetrix Speed Insights

  • Pingdom: Website & Performance Monitoring

Pingdom is another awesome tool to check the speed of any website.


Paste your desired URL.

Choose the Location from where you want to check the speed. For Example USA, UK, Germany etc.

Press Enter or Start Test Button

It will take a few seconds to calculate the measurements.

After Results, it will also tell you that which areas are weak for your website speed.

Pingdom Speed Insights

Pingdom Speed Insights

Why Website Speed is Important?

The website speed is most important factor due to following reasons:-

  • If speed is slow user will leave the website.
  • If speed is slow user will never open again.
  • If speed is slow Search Engines will not rank your website.
  • If speed is slow you will lose the customer.
  • If speed is slow you will miss the online order
  • If speed is slow your advertisements will not give revenue.
  • If speed is slow your website will crash

The discussed points and losses due to the slow speed of website are not few. But here I am discussing only those factors which are most important. When a user opens your website he seeks the best content including images, Videos & Charts etc. If your website speed is not good then these things will take a lot of time and user will get bored and a bad impact will place in his mind.

Let’s elaborate If you go to a shop and ask for a bread and shopkeeper takes a lot of time to get the bread out of his storage and then take cash from you and return to you. You will absolutely think that I will not come next time on this shop for bread because it takes a lot of time. Thus the shopkeeper lost a good and regular customer.

So you can consider a website simply as a shop, if it will take a lot of time to load its components then users will get a bad impression and will not visit again.

In the next articles, I will tell you which tools can be used to make a website faster. Till that you can use the above-said tools to check the website speed.

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