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What is Google Blogger & Blogspot- -

Introduction to Google Blogger & Blogspot:-

Google Blogger & Blogspot are not two different things. The blogspot is usually named term for Google Blogger. Google Blogger is an online blogging platform.  The best thing of Google Blogger is that it is free of cost.  This tool is available for anyone living in any part of the world. This tool is owned by Google (USA Technical Company). Every one of us is familiar with Google. 

Google is not just a search engine but it is now the largest technology company. The most used products of Google are android phones, Google Search Engine, Blogger & Google Adwords etc. Here you will learn all about Blogger.

Advantages of Google Blogger:-

There are many benefits of using  Blogger. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Free of Cost
  • Web Design Tool
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Hosting
  • Source of Earnings

A question raised that how it can be free in this era when everything is about earning money. But yes it is absolutely free of cost. Brainy Gestures will teach you how to use blogger & which things can be done with blogger.

A blog is a basic online introduction of any personality, book, author, company, institution, and product etc. So when you think about blog it means a lot. A blog can be made for following things:-

  • Personal Blog (Thoughts, Diary, Biography)
  • Book (Introduction of book, download option, online sell & buy)
  • Technology Blog (Product technical documents, Technical solutions etc)
  • Magazine (Beauty, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle)
  • Entertainment (Drama, Movie, Stories, Trailers)
  • Education (Online Learning, Online Courses, Lectures & Notes etc)
  • News & Information (News Websites, Gossips)

There are many other subjects on which a blog can be made. So If you are serious about learning you will love our free course on blogging & especially on Google Blogger.  Our course is available in free of cost because if the blogger can be free then why we should cost it for teaching.

The Complete Course is divided into following Parts. Read & Understand step by step.





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