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Huawei Smart Phones Vs Samsung Smart Phones

First of all we will look the basic introduction of both companies. Let’s start with Samsung

Samsung is a multinational company of South Korea. The Headquarters of Samsung Company are in Samsung Town Seoul.

Seoul is capital city of South Korea. The Founder of Samsung is Lee Byung-Chul. The Samsung was founded in 1938. In the starting Samsung was a trading company in food processing, retails & textile etc. In the 1960s Samsung made entry in electronics industry.

The Revenue of Samsung was 223.4 billion US Dollars in 2017. The Number of Employees working in Samsung are 489,000 as per 2014.

The Social Profiles of Samsung are given below.

Samsung Facebook

Samsung Twitter

Samsung Instagram

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Samsung smart phones are best smart phones in whole world. People from all regions of world are using the Samsung smart phones. Samsung smart phones are using famous operating system known as Android.

Samsung is well known for cool looks of smart phones with built in Samsung features with basic android systems.

Samsung is not a company of just smart phones but they are one of the largest electronics industry in the world for all type of electronics good like TVs, Freezers, Ovens, Irons, Laptops etc.

When you are user of Samsung phone then the best thing is that you can connect your smart phones with your Samsung ACs, Ovens, Printers & laptops and can easily control these all appliances with simple mobile phone sitting anywhere in the home.

Now let’s discuss basics about Huawei Company.

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is a Chinese multinational networking, telecommunications equipment, and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen is famous city of China. The Founder of Huawei is Ren Zhengfei . The Huawei was founded in 1987. Now if we talk about Samsung Foundation year then it was 1938. So, the Difference of age is 39 years.

The Revenue of Huawei was 92.5 billion US Dollars in 2017. So, the Difference between the revenues of both companies is 131 billion US Dollars.

The Samsung is 2nd largest company in term of revenue and Huawei is 6th largest company in terms of Revenue. The Number of Employees are 1,80,000.

The Social Profiles of Huawei are given below.

Huawei Facebook

Huawei Twitter

Huawei Instagram


Smart Phones Comparisons: –

Huawei is making a fast market in the smart phones industry because Huawei is also largest company in making telecommunication equipment. The major telecom industries are relaying on Huawei equipment.

The battery timings of Huawei smart phones are better than Samsung Smart Phones.

The Display coolness of Samsung is better than Huawei.

Huawei Smart Phones Vs Samsung Smart Phones

The Camera Results of Samsung Phones are better than Huawei Smart Phones.

The Hardware of Samsung is quite sensitive as compared to Huawei Smart phones hardware.

For Example, if you have a smart phone of Samsung and you are riding a bike and get slipped than the chances of damages of Samsung smart phones are more than a smart phone of Huawei.

Samsung galaxy note 9 Shape

If we talk about specifications & price comparison, then you will find Specifications of Samsung phones are a little bit expensive.

The Phone you will get in 600 $ of Samsung will be equal to the phone of Huawei worth 400 $. You will get same hardware and software specifications in Samsung and Huawei smart phones, but the prices of Huawei are little bit less as compared to Samsung.

Earlier we discussed that in some features Samsung has no comparison with Huawei, like Samsung is more old company and have more experience while Huawei is not as experienced as Samsung is.

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Why Huawei is providing same specs in low prices?

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Samsung is well known and old brand in the smart phone industry with tag of south Korea. While Huawei is not as old, and Huawei is China Company.

Secondly Huawei was in the market of telecommunication equipment and Samsung was in Electronics Industry. So, the Samsung made earlier space in smart phone industry while Huawei made his place later so Huawei is providing low prices to make well place in phone industry.

Huawei disturbed the Samsung with entry in smart phones industry because people from Asia welcomed Huawei as Huawei offered same specs of Samsung in low prices.

Therefore, Samsung also made some changes in prices with some better specifications.

This Comparison is totally based on different researches through internet. One can contradict with our thoughts on the topic of Samsung vs Huawei Smart Phones.

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