iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – Which one you should buy?


iPhone X vs iPhone 8

Apple is famous and world top technology company. Recently Apple released its iPhone 8 after iPhone 7’s popularity and ratings. But Apple surprised with the release of iPhone 10 or iPhone X.

So which iPhone you should buy?

Let’s talk about the differences between iPhone 8 & iPhone X. I will tell you the comparison of these both phones by spec to spec.

If we talk about Camera:-

iPhone 8 contains 12MP camera with Zoom of 5x.

iPhone X contains 12MP camera with Zoom of 10x.

Screen Size:-

iPhone 8 is 5.5 inches.

iPhone X is 5.8 Inches.


Both phones are in 64GB & 256 GB.


iPhone 8 is Gold, Silver, Space Gray.

iPhone X is Silver, Space Gray.

Face Detection & ID:-

iPhone 8 supports Fingerprint,

iPhone X supports Face Detection.

Operating System:-

Both Phones have IOS 11.

Price difference of iPhone X & iPhone 8:-

iPhone x  $999.

iPhone 8  $699.

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iPhone X vs iPhone 8

iPhone 8

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iPhone X vs iPhone 8

iPhone X




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