How to Password Protect Word Document

Password Protect Word Document

How to Password Protect Word Document

Nowadays information technology is very advanced and usage of IT is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, We noticed that security risks of information technology are also increasing. 

So in this scenario, we have to sure that we are safe.

Microsoft Word Office Document is very common and important software. Today we will see that how we can protect it.

See the procedure.

1. Open your MS Word document to which you want to assign a password or create a new one.

2. Enter Some Text into MS Word Document and save it on your PC to get it worked.

3. Now click on the Microsoft Office Button from the left corner of the MS word document as shown in the screenshot below

4. Move the mouse cursor towards the “prepare” option and select “Encrypt Document Button” and click on it.

Password Protect Word Document

Password Protect Word Document

5. Now, After  performing above action, it will pop-up a window asked for a password  to that MS word document to make it encrypted and Click on “OK Button.”

6. Now it will  confirm your password, so again enter the same password once again and click on “OK Button.”

Note: Keep Remember the password, as it cannot be recovered later.

7. When password assigned close the document and reopen it to test.

Now If you want to delete the password again follow the same process discussed above and at the space of password keep empty and Click “OK”.

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