Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Specs, Price and Release Date August 2018


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Specs, Price and Release Date


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is next smart phone after Samsung galaxy s9 and note 9 is going to be released very soon. This smart phone will be enriched with many advance features like finger print sensor under the screen. The placement of finger print under screen will make the user easy to unlock the phone and other features with finger prints. The Huawei Phones are using finger print sensor behind the main screen under the rear camera, this thing makes difficult to unlock sometimes.

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Display & Camera features

If we talk about display of Samsung galaxy note 9 then it is the device with RGB AMOLED 6.3-inch display. The navigation keys are on screen. Other Phones like Huawei and some Samsung devices used navigation keys under the touch screen with black background.

Gorilla Glass 6 is used for screen providing better resolutions and safety. The Samsung galaxy note 9 is also featuring dual cameras but now with better quality and clarity.

Front camera is 8MP and rear camera is 12MP with auto focusing.

The Samsung galaxy note 9 can record 4k videos @ 60fps.

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Hardware & Software

This phone is featured with 8GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory making it fast and more efficient device of Samsung family.

But don’t worry 256GB & 512 GB internal memory versions are also available in Samsung galaxy note 9.

Now if we talk about Software then Samsung galaxy note 9 is featuring with Android 8.0 which makes a perfect couple with such hardware specifications.

Samsung own functions & special features are also making it more adorable and worth using.

Now if we talk about Battery which is most essential part of any smart phone because user want more battery timings with multi task usage and gaming etc.

The Samsung galaxy note 9 battery is 4000 mah and can be recharged with usb chargers commonly used in smart phones just not in Iphones. The battery of galaxy note 9 can be charged with wired charger and also have wireless charging feature.

Samsung galaxy note 9 Shape

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In connectivity the Bluetooth, wifi and 4G technology is available with dual sim features.

In Colours Samsung galaxy Note 9 is available in Balck, Gold, Silver and Blue.

Release Date of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The Samsung is going to realease the galaxy note 9 in August 2018.

More About Samsung galaxy Note 9:-

The Samsung smart phones are best smart phones in the world. If we talk about united states, many people are using Samsung smart phones. The Best thing about Samsung smart phones is they are very cool in looks and user feels comfortable in using Samsung smart phones. The 4000 mah battery will make it a perfect choice for those who have massive type of usage on single device without switching on laptop and smart phone because 4000mah battery will make it capable of multi-tasking and pressure handling.

For young generation who enjoy gaming on their smart phones this samsnung galaxy note 9 is perfect choice because they can enjoy the best level of gaming due to 8 GB Ram. 8 GB ram laptops can handle multi-tasking and gaming , then a smart phone with 8 GB is best for gaming.


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The 6.3 Inch Display makes the galaxy note 9 a mini laptop shape and user can perform his business, online banking, internet browsing, CMS like WordPress, bloggers, AdSense AdWords handling easily on smart phone in his pocket without using heavy and boring computer devices.

If you love movies, then this is the best device for you to enjoy the latest movies on smart phone.  More if you use VR gear then this thing makes a real time enjoyment.

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128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB makes galaxy note 9 an amazing smart phone, so forget about external hard disks & other extra gadgets for file storages. Samsung galaxy Note 9 is sufficient for you.

Price of Samsung galaxy Note 9: –

The price guess of Samsung galaxy note is about 950 US $. It can be vary a more or less.

Best Deals to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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