How to share a single post in multiple facebook groups at once – Free Tip

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How to share a single post in multiple facebook groups at once – Free Tip

Facebook is very popular and frequently used social media website. billions of people are using in all over the world e.g. the United States, United Kingdom, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France & other European countries.

Facebook marketing is the best way of marketing for your business. Your business can be a University, College, School, Burger Shop, Pizza Shop, Multinational Company, Software house, Telecom Company, Information technology, Celebrity, Music band or any other brand.

For Bloggers on, WordPress &  Custom CMS Web Owners this tool is a big supportive hand for sharing in multiple facebook groups.

Facebook for business tips is a key point in the advertisement & marketing department. Brainy Gestures is suggesting a free tool to market your products, Links, Web sites, and ideas.

Facebook Groups are best for the largest community forum. In Facebook groups, there are multinational people having different kinds of nature. So this is the easy way to market your brand.

Now the problem is that if you have joined 100 groups on a single Facebook ID, then it is very time-consuming to share a single link, photo or any kind of post in those 100 groups. You have to open 100 URLs in 100 tabs. 

Now if we consider that One single group opening, link pasting, link posting takes 30 Secs (If you are too fast on your system) otherwise it takes minimum 1 minute to do all things. 

Time for 1 group posting= 1 Minute

Time for 100 Groups= 1 multiply 100 = 100 Minutes= 1 Hour & 40 minutes. 

Dear ! time is a very precious element of life. Don’t waste it when you have an option to complete the work of 1.5 Hours in just 1 minute. Yessss! Just 1 Minute.

But How to share a single post in multiple facebook groups at once in free of cost.

The method is very simple. Follow step by step

1- Download Facebook Social Toolkit

2- Extract in a folder. it will look like this

facebook for business tips 1

facebook for business tips 1

3- Now go to Google Chrome Browser.

4- Go to Menu in Top left Corner > More Tools > Extension.

5- Check the Developer Mode Option. It will look like this

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

6- Choose Load Unpacked Extension

7- Now a selection dialog will open Choose facebook social toolkit

Facebook tips

Facebook tips

8- When you press Ok. it will be installed. It will look like this.

facebook for business tips 2

facebook for business tips

9- After that when you will be logged in your facebook ID in which you have joined multiple groups.

10- On right upper side Logo of this extension will be available.

11- Tap on Icon. Options like this will be opened.

facebook tips marketing

facebook tips marketing

12-  Choose Group Posting Tool 2

13- Now a box will be opened in which it will ask Email Address & Key.

14- Simply type “brainygestures” in both boxes. then press enter key.

15- After logging facebook id again press Extension logo and box will open like this.

Facebook advertisement tips

Facebook advertisement tips

16- Fill All Details and press POST button.

17- It will start posting in groups one by one.

18- Wait till it posted in the last group.

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