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Taylor Swift Reputation Songs  & Album Review

Reputation is the sixth studio album by American singer and song-writer Taylor Swift. The album was released on 10 November 2017, the album sold 1.216 million copies in the US during its first week of release and became 2017’s most successful album.


Here a review of all songs of taylor swift’s reputation is given.

Look what you made me do: Look what you made me do is the first song she releases since 2014, the song has received mixed reviews from the audience. I don’t like your little games/don’t like your tilted stage/the role you made me play of the fool no I don’t like you. The song has references/shade to her long-time enemies which includes Kanye West, Kim kardashian and, Katy Perry. The song also has a lot of snake references to her being called a snake. The music video for the song dropped on august 27, 2017 and now has over 900 million views.

” …. Ready for it’? Ready for is the second official single from Taylor swift, the song has mostly received positive reviews and has been recognized as an improvement on Taylor’s previous single ‘look what you made me do’ knew he was a killer/first time that I saw him/wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted. The song has a dark electro feel to it, but the song has a verse which shows that the old Taylor is still alive. The music video for the song dropped on 26October, 2017 and now has over 200million views.

End Game: End game is the third track on the album and it features English singer Ed Sheeren and the rapper ‘Future’ Big reputation, big reputation/ooh you and me we got big reputations,ah/and you heard about me ,ooh/I got some big enemies. This is swift’s 3rd collaboration with a rapper; the song is referred as a slow-jam track. The MV for the song released on 11Jan, 2018 and has now over 160 million views.

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I did something bad: I did something bad has been the audience favorite even my personal favorite, it is the third track on the album and is rumored to be the next single, many people say that the song is about her break up with Calvin Harris and and her short time relationship with tom Hiddleston. I never trust a play boy but they love me/so I fly him all around the world and let them think they save me. The song has a very strong and heavy electronic beat. it is surely a banger.

Don’t blame me: don’t blame is the 4th track on the Taylor Swift Reputation Songs album. The song has an electro pop beat to it. It is a combination of rich and vibe notes. “Don’t blame me, love made me crazy/if it doesn’t you ain’t doing’ it right. it is rumored to be a clap back to the criticism for her being in too many relationships.

Taylor Swift Reputation Songs

Delicate: delicate is the 5th track on the Taylor Swift Reputation Songs album. The song has a very soft, melodic electro beat to it. It has also been audience favorite. My reputation’s never been worse, so/ you must like me for me. This lyric telling about her reputation being really bad but still the guy she’s into wants her. The MV for song released on march11, 2018 and has now over 200 million views.

so it goes…: so, it goes has been the underrated song on the album, it is the 7th track on the album, but I personally really like the song, the song has more of a dark-soft kind of beat see you in the dark/all eyes on you, my magician/all eyes on us/you make everyone disappear the song is rumored rumored to be about her new guy Joe Alwyn.

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Gorgeous: gorgeous is the 8th song on the album. The song reminds us of the old Taylor because of cute soft beat it has. The song is rumored to be also about her new guy Joe Alwyn. You make me so happy it turns back to sad, yeah/there’s nothing I hate more than what I can’t have. the lyric video for the song released on 19, Oct 2017 and has over 80 million views.

Call it what you want: call it what is the 14th track track on the Taylor Swift Reputation Songs album, the song has a very low and soft beat, here we get to experience swift’s low notes, the song is very smooth. My castle crumbled over night/I brought a knife to a gun fight/they took the crown, but its alright.it tells about her life falling down and her negative portrayal in the media. The lyric video for the song released on 2 November, 2017 and has over 40 million views.

Getaway car: getaway car is the 9th track on the album and has received massive appreciation. Taylor is known for telling stories in her songs and getaway car is one of them. it tells about relationship not going well and she wants to get out of it and wants someone to be getaway car. The song is rumored to be about Calvin Harris and tom Hiddleston. You should have a listen to this song it’s a bop.

King of my heart: king of my heart another bop, it is the 10th song on the album, in the beginning the song it gives a electro beat. Seems like every song on the album is about Joe alwyn. This song is also rumored to be about Joe. I am perfectly fine, I live on my own/I made up my mind, I am better off being alone/we met a few weeks ago/now you try on callin’me baby/like trying’ on clothes. It tells about mindset that perfectly fine alone but eventually she falls in love but later she explains, now you are trying on calling me baby like trying on clothes, it’s a short time affair.

Dancing with our hands tied; it is the 11th song on the album and one of my favorites. it also gives the old Taylor vibe.I,I loved you in secret/first sight,yeah we love without reason/oh, 25 years old/oh,how were you to know? and my, my love had been frozen/deep blue but you painted me golden/hand you held me close/oh,how was I to know?I-.this verse tells about Taylor’s love that has been frozen because of the bad experiences in a relationship and how she loved someone from first sight.

this is why we can’t have nice things: this song is the sassiest song on the Taylor Swift Reputation Songs album and has been audience favorite, the song is the 12th track on the album. This song is rumored to be a diss for Kanye west because of some of the lyrics. It was so nice being friends again/there I was giving you a second chance/but you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand/and therein lies the issue friends don’t try to trick you/get you on the phone and mind-twist you. This song is definitely a bop and iconic laugh in between the song makes it even more bop.

dress: it is the 14th song on the Taylor Swift Reputation Songs album.it is a very edgy and controversial song. the song tells about their secretive relationship in public that no one else knows, it also tells about her anticipation of wanting the guy badly that she can’t restrain herself. Our secret moments in a crowded room/they got no idea about me and you/there is an indentation in the shape of you/made your mark on me, a golden tattoo.

New years day: new years is the last track on the album and is the most emotional song that you will definitely shed some tears, a perfect way to end the album. The song is very slow and smooth. Don’t read the last page/but I stay when you are lost and scared you are turning away/I want your, midnights/but I will be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day. this song is rumored to be about when there are good times and the media is not spreading trash about you but in hard times you only have your real friends.

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