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What is WordPress

WordPress Introduction:-

WordPress is an open source software (CMS), you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or application. CMS stands for Content Management System. CMS is basically a platform where you can place your data and can manage it anytime.

If we talk about a Website then there are two type of websites, one is static other is dynamic. A static website is a website where all data is fixed and remains on the web page for a long time. For example, a company website and there are few pages where company introduction, contact information etc is given. Now the dynamic website is the website where the data is changing with time to time even in a day it changes many times, e.g. a news website like BBC updates their website in every hour because the news is coming one after one.

WordPress makes it easy to build a dynamic website just due to it’s beautiful, easy and latest CMS options. 28% websites are based on WordPress CMS.

Which type of Web sites can be built on WordPress?

The next question a newbie think that which type of websites can be made using WordPress as CMS. The answer is very simple, “Any kind of website can be built on WordPress”. e.g.

  • News
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Online Store – E-Commerce
  • Personal Blog
  • Magazine

Is WordPress Free?

You will be thinking that a CMS which offers many options, styles, themes & customization cannot be free in this era when money is an essential part of life. But you will be surprised that WordPress is absolutely Free. You can simply download this software and can build a website.

How can you learn WordPress?

BrainyGestures has made a series of articles on the vast topic of WordPress. We made complete WordPress training so that a new beginner can learn WordPress & all advanced things. When you will start building websites with WordPress many questions will be raised and of course, you will face some hurdles and search the problem. Here you will find solutions to all those problems & extra tips for WordPress.

These tips & articles will help you in designing and styling your website.





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